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Part of what ensures that you have a healthy, attractive lawn is the care and maintenance that is put into it. That's why at Grace Landscaping and Irrigation, Inc we're committed to providing exceptional lawn care and landscaping services to clients throughout Brunswick, GA and beyond. We offer a wide range of lawn care services that includes mowing, trimming, edging, weed-eating and more! Plus, our landscaping services will completely transform your yard into a stunning outdoor oasis!

Whatever your outdoor space needs to look it's best, we're on it! Take a moment to learn more about our services below. To receive a free estimate, call us today at (912) 269-2740.

We offer weekly maintenance for basic landscaping and lighting services as well!

Lawn care and landscaping

Lawn Care

We're truly the lawn care experts here at Grace! Our team does it all to keep your lawn neat and trim year-round. Our services include mowing, trimming, weed-eating, mulch work and laying pine straw. Whatever your lawn needs to grow and flourish, our team is here to make it happen! Plus, we offer lawn care maintenance services on a weekly basis!


Landscaping is something we take great pride in here at Grace Landscaping and Irrigation, Inc. We realize the power and importance of having a beautiful lawn you can enjoy with family, friends and neighbors. And for business professionals, having a neat outdoor commercial front is equally as important because it's a reflection of their company.

With that being said, we at Grace, work hard to give your lawn the beauty treatment it deserves with exceptional landscaping services. We work with you one-on-one to discuss your outdoor vision and then do our part to make that dream a reality. Our services range from trimming hedges and bushes, to incorporating flower beds and mulch work and much more!

Get your free estimate today by calling us at (912) 269-2740.

Property management and lawn maintenance services

Property Management

A unique service we offer for many of our clients includes property management services. This is especially ideal for owners of large apartment complexes and duplexes. Our team ensures that your outdoor space is well-maintained at all times. In fact, for clients that utilize our property management services we automatically provide routine lawn maintenance. Additionally, we take care of tasks that include handling basic repairs, keeping up on the indoor and outdoor appearance of the property and more! Call us today at (912) 269-2740 to learn more about our full range of services.

Lawn Maintenance

Part of what ensures that you have a beautiful, healthy lawn is the maintenance that goes into it. That's why at Grace Landscaping and Irrigation, Inc, we offer expert lawn maintenance services that keep your outdoor space looking it's best year-round. We can schedule weekly lawn care services that include mowing, trimming hedges and light clean-up. Call us at (912) 269-2740 to learn more!



When you're in need of unique lighting systems, we do that too! We can install beautiful, functional low voltage lighting to accompany your outdoor space. We can incorporate lights for trees, pathway lights and more! Call us today at (912) 269-2740 to get a free estimate on our services!


We provide full service irrigation services including design, installation, and repairs. Our specialty lies in installing unique and function water irrigation systems that will automatically keep your lawn and garden areas watered to promote optimal lawn health and growth. We have a variety of sprinkler systems we can tailor to your unique needs and requests!

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